English vs. German: Mash-up

Posted on: 20. März 2009

The discussion about the assimilation of German has continued – or, it has never stopped, for something to continue it would have to stop first. Ahem. The ongoing discussion has brought many bloggers to voice their opinions, and the latest blog that I stumbled over to voice its opinion was A Mind @ Play.

If you haven’t read the article (and I suggest you do, it’s good! And I’m not just saying that because it links to this blog, honest!), it reiterates most of the points I made earlier about Anglizismen, and expands on the same principle concerning French – also, it provides the other side of the coin, so to say, the view of an English native speaker, instead that of a German native speaker. For those of you that are continously interested in the debate, A Mind @ Play has more on the subject and also links many interesting articles of the subject – I could just link them, but that would steal all the glory away from that excellent article. Yes, I’m basically forcing you to read it, I know.



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