Omegle – Chat with Anybody

Posted on: 2. April 2009

It seems too ludicrous to be a good idea, but then that has never stopped anybody. 2000+ users daily chat with each other, although they don’t really know their chat buddy – the punchline to Omegle’s joke. You are instantly connected to a random stranger through an extremely simple chat frame – no nicknames, no timestamps, no restriction by country. You could be talking to someone from Norway, Finland, or the Phillipines (all nationalities I talked to yesterday).

The conversations range from „So, what’s the weather like in Brazil?“ to „Is German beer really the best?“ – sometimes you get some idiot spamming profane idiocy at you, or someone from 4chan maybe even makes you lose the game – but so far, in my experience, most people are open and honest – they came simply for the novelty of talking to a stranger.

So I can go from telling an Aussie that his Foster’s is quite a good beer (to which he emphatically replies that it sucks), to planning world domination with a Norwegian (complete with lederhosen and viking longboats). Next chat I might fool an American into believing I’m from Northern CA, just to yank his chain by spouting random German phrases.

What is really astounding about Omegle is that it is used by so many non-native speakers of English – you automatically say hi to your chat partner, and he will probably answer you in English – and almost every chat partner knows at least a bit of English to hold a conversation. This is interesting because English is not necessarily taught with the same degree of skill in every country – many more don’t even learn English at school. All the more impressive that I can talk about the intricacies of „dumb blonde“ jokes with an 18 year old (brunette) from brazil.

So far, Omegle fits right into the scheme of the average viral internet site, such as Twitter, YouTube and many others. However, it hasn’t completely „exploded“ yet – but I’m sure it will. When the jumble that is random chatting is joined by the non-English speaking half of the globe, we will have lots more interesting chats. Until then, check it out and meet a cool guy from Slovakia!

Omegle – talk to strangers!



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