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Posted on: 8. Mai 2009

Today’s topic has a bit more to do with literature than my usual posts – I hope it is still interesting enough for you to read it!

Fanfiction is exactly what the name says – fiction by fans. A fan of a specific book, TV series, or whatever (there is fanfiction for everything, believe me), might decide he wants to put his writing skills to good use and set a story in the fictional universe of, say, Buffy.

And many people do. In fact, fanfiction writing have huge communities, all gathering around the initial universe – there are specific sites for Harry Potter fanfiction, for MacGyver fanfiction, and any other ‚universe‘ you can think of.

Now, when I began reading and writing fanfiction, I’d think that a bunch of fans wouldn’t be able to write anything worth reading, and while about 80% of all fanfiction is just a release valve for the writer to get their favorite scenarios for a specific character out of their heads (if you read fanfics, you know what I’m talking about), there is actually a rather large amount of quality writing that has spawned entire careers. This quality literature, free and most importantly dealing with my favorite character / storyline / whatever, got me hooked pretty quickly.

So why is fanfiction so popular? I already mentioned the first – many firsttime authors want to get the original story ‚right‘ by rewriting the parts they didn’t like. Some good stories have come out of that, but it is usually a stepping stone for the author to establish himself, get a grasp of what writing a small novel entails. The second thing is the addiction factor – if you are a diehard fan of, for example, Lord of the Rings, and you watched all the movies and read the books a dozen times over, but you still want MORE, then fanfiction is the next step to go – if you are in ‚fan withdrawal‘, the prospect of literally hundreds if not thousands of stories about your favorite characters is most alluring. Not to mention the fact that it’s free of charge and easy to use & find.

I hope I have sparked some interest in you, and if you feel I should divulge more about fanfiction, post a comment saying so!

Links to fan fiction sites / archives: – the biggest ‚general‘ fanfiction archive online – biggest and extremely well-kept community page and archive for Harry Potter fanfiction – Superman fanfiction archive

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