Video 2 – Englisch 1

Posted on: 30. Juli 2009

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4 Antworten to "Video 2 – Englisch 1"

Hey Moritz

It came as quite a surprise to see that you have a triangle of hair below your bottom lip.

Usually, someone with a ‚flavour saver‘, as I have dubbed them, lacks any dignity whatsover; although I am glad to see you are an exception to this rule in that you seem to have some semblance of self-worth.

I am glad to see you are saving the flavour for later.


I’m not sure how to respond to that – I have to assume you are jesting. And since I do not use my ‚beardie‘ as a container for leftovers from lunch, I can only shake my head in silence to your comment. Also, a fully-blown mustache offers so much more space for flavour-saving! Not that I would know anything about that.


Of course I was jesting.

And, although a moustache would provide much more space for food than a „beardie“, it’s unlikely it would catch food, unless you were suspended upside down from the ceiling in some kind of kinky/medieval torture method.


well, depending on how long your whiskers are, food can get stuck in there quite easily. And the tensile strength of a „beardie“ is much too low to hold any food item of any reasonable weight – how can you store food for later in there? you can’t.

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