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Hallo. Hello. Hola. Salut everyone. The time has come to say goodbye. It’s already my last week at the translation firm WORLD TEXT. I started my internship on January 07. Three months have passed so fast!

So, let me tell you a bit about my experience.

I have to say, it was one of the best internships – and I’ve done a lot of those.

My tasks:

I sometimes had to fit the cliché and make coffee 😛 At 9.30 every morning I had to go to the post office and to the bank.

Most of the time I was proofreading various texts, once even an entire user’s manual.

When I found something “suspicious”, I was allowed to add a comment in the document and send it back to the translator, who then answered my question/corrected the corresponding part of the translation. This was the task I liked most! I deepened my knowledge of languages; it was interesting to learn how translators – native speakers – expressed certain phrases and which word they used for a certain term. Sometimes I added comments that didn’t necessarily relate to the text, I just wanted to know things like: “Could you also use that word instead of this word?” or “I’d write the place first, which possibility is more common?” I enjoyed discussing with the translators.

Proofreading was also a gain for my general knowledge. The texts I read were so diverse – from contracts and deeds to brochures about enterprises in the meat industry to articles about marketing and advertising.

Sometimes I had to do “blind proofreading”, i. e. proofreading a text in a language I don’t know and checking it for mistakes in numbers etc. This showed me once again how many different languages there are in the world. I often found similarities in certain languages, too.

Of course I was allowed to translate/prepare some texts myself 🙂

I also did internet research and updated the terminology databases.

AND I posted various articles here on the WORLD TEXT blog.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog entries!

I don’t know when the next intern will follow and if/how much they’ll post on here – but I’ll definitely stay tuned – and you should, too!!! 😛

If you’re interested in a WORLD TEXT internship yourself, don’t hesitate to contact them, they’ve had interns from all over the world:

Don’t forget to visit the website:

Yup, that was it.

Tschüss! Bye-bye! Adiós! Salut!


My name is Madeleine and I come from Bavaria, Germany.

I’m doing an internship here at WORLD TEXT from Jan 07 until March 30. I can speak German, English, Spanish and French. I’m a foreign language correspondent and as I haven’t gained any job experience so far, I hope to improve my language skills and learn new things here at WORLD TEXT. I’m writing in English because I hope to get more people interested in this translation firm 🙂 Especially when you’re from abroad, an internship at WORLD TEXT is a great opportunity to perfect your German and learn more about our country, Schwerin and its magnificent castle.

My grandmother’s relatives live here and they told me about the firm, that’s how I heard about WORLD TEXT. Regarding accommodation, there are many facilities where you can stay (at a reasonable price) – now I have to do proofreading (Spanish -> German), so see you later!!!

Hallo liebe Leser und Leserinnen!

Ich bin die neue Praktikantin hier bei World Text und im Laufe der nächsten vier Monate werde ich regelmäßig hier bloggen. Zunächst einmal…

Ich heiße Jess und ich komme aus Nottinghamshire, England. Ich bin dort Sprachstudentin an der Universität von Nottingham und ich bin sehr glücklich, dass mein Studium ein ‚Year Abroad’ einschließt. Den ersten Teil meines Jahres im Ausland, habe ich für sieben Monate als Fremdsprachenassistentin in einer Oberschule in Frankreich gearbeitet. Ich wohnte dort in Moulins, einer kleinen Stadt in Mittelfrankreich wo Coco Chanel ihre Karriere als Sängerin angefangen hat.

 Nach ein paar Tagen in England, um meine Familie (und natürlich die königliche Hochzeit!) zu sehen, bin ich in Schwerin angekommen. Erste Eindrücke? Eine lebhafte Stadt mit einem atemberaubenden Schloss!

 Freut mich, Sie kennen zu lernen.

 Bis bald, Jess

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Dienstag verließ uns Romain, einer unserer französischen Praktikanten und World of Text Mitarbeiter. Er plant jetzt erstmal erholsame Wochen in Barcelona. Danke für die schöne Zeit Romain!


P.S.: Seid ihr auch an einem Praktikum bei WORLD TEXT interessiert, so meldet euch doch einfach per Mail, die ihr auf unserer Startseite rechts entdeckt 🙂

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Hallo liebe Freunde des WORLD OF TEXT Blogs!

Einer eurer Schreiberlinge, Maxime, hat heute seinen letzten Arbeitstag und wird ab morgen wieder in seine Heimat, Frankreich, zurückfliegen. Er war nun seit 4 Monaten bei uns und hat neben dem Blog natürlich auch viele andere Dinge getan, darüber kann er euch jedoch selber am besten erzählen. Erwartet also heute den letzten Blogartikel von Maxime!


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