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Hi everyone!

Today I have another interesting topic for you. Have you been “stereotyped” or do you “stereotype” certain people yourself?

I have to admit, I also do stereotype. I think it’s hard to avoid. When I have to deal with certain people and they all behave the same and then, later, I meet another person, I can’t help stereotyping this person. But it’s only because of the experience I’ve had so far, and the more people behave according to a specific stereotype, the more difficult it is to not do it.

There are certain kinds of stereotypes:

men & women

Men are strong and do all the work

Men who spend too much time on the computer or read are geeks

All men are interested in cars

Men don’t do housework and they’re not responsible for taking care of children

They don’t cook

Men like sports and video games

Men are in charge, they’re always at the top

As husbands, men tell their wives what to do

Men are messy

Men are good at math

It is always men who work in science, engineering and other technical fields


Women are supposed to have „clean jobs“ such as secretaries or teachers

Women don’t play sports

Women are supposed to cook and do housework and raise children

They don’t have technical skills and are not good at „hands on“ projects such as car repairs

Women are supposed to look pretty and be looked at

They’re only interested in their physical appearance


I disapprove all of those, except the first one. Men are stronger, by nature.


groups of individuals

Punks wear mohawks, spikes, chains, are a menace to society and are always getting in trouble

Goths wear black clothes, black makeup, are depressed and hated by society

All politicians are philanders and think only of personal gain and benefit

And so on. I don’t want to go into further detail here, we’ll take a closer look at…


Let’s start with the Germans 🙂

Stereotypes are:

Beer and sausage lovers. -> True 😛 I’d also say coffee lovers.

Lederhosen. -> Nope. Only at events like the Oktoberfest

I guess I have to mention that…

Nazis. -> HELL NO. Is this a widespread German stereotype?

Organized and disciplined, punctual etc. -> Punctual definitely. The rest…hmm… We also demonstrate and complain a lot, so I’d say it depends. Workaholics? No.

Soccer. -> Most men yes. Most women no. (I’m an exception J) But during a world championship all women want to be the biggest soccer fans. I hate that.

Do you know more German stereotypes?


If you want, you can post a comment and follow my example:

I’ll pick 4 countries.


The first 5 things that come into my mind when I think of the USA. I’m honest.

1. guns 2. melting pot 3. fascinating cities 4. fast food 5. celebrities

The UK.

1. London 2. Queen 3. the English language 4. Darts telephone boxes & buses

African continent.

1. poverty 2. zest for life 3. desert 4. AIDS 5. wildlife


1. pasta 2. euro crisis 3. mafia 4. pizza 5. climate


I consciously chose these four, and I assume that many people would post the same/something similar.

You have to visit the country, and meet lots of people, to get an idea of the culture and mentality. There are so many things to learn that you didn’t expect before.

To stereotype doesn’t have to be something negative, though we should try not to do it – everyone is individual.


Ok, let’s have a look:

When do you get up in the morning?
What colour are your walls?
What is your favourite book?
How often do you have sex?
How much alcohol do you drink?
Dirndl und Maß?

According to a study published in the „Spiegel“ in spring this year, Frau and Herr Average from Germany get up at 6.23 am, Herr Germany drinks 540 glasses of alcohol and his wife half of that. In addition, the German couple has sex every third day and both enjoy reading Joanne K. Rowling’s best seller Harry Potter. They drive a Golf.
They usually paint their walls yellow and decorate with pictures of animals and the family.
For holiday they usually travel to another part of Germany. But if they go to another country then it’s Mallorca, and of course they take their only child “Alexander Müller” with them.
As for food, they have lunch every day at 12 noon and their favourite meals are “curry wurst”, “Spaetzle” and “Schnitzel”. They buy these at discount supermarkets such as Lidl and Aldi because for them, the most important aspect is that the food is cheap.
“Mensch” by Groenemeyer is their favourite song and they enjoy watching TV (more than three hours per day!).

But this study also found out that most Germans like to say they’re individuals. Nobody wants to be seen as a stereotype and especially not a German beer drinking, serious and Golf-driving pessimist.

Do the results of this study surprise you?

Personally, I like reading Harry Potter, too. I like Spätzle (naturally, coming from Baden-Württemberg). I usually buy groceries at Lidl (for financial reasons). But I would never ever paint my walls yellow and I am not particularly keen on beer, either.

What kind of German are you? Or in case you’re from a different country – how do you see the Germans?
And what do you think of slogans like “Geiz ist geil” or “Du bist Deutschland”?


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Es gibt einen neuen Trend in der Comedyszene: Die parodistische Völkerverständigung.
Comedians eignen sich einen fremdländischen Dialekt an und nehmen auf diesem Weg das jeweilige Land aufs Korn- das aus dem sie vorgeben zu sein und das, in dem sie sich befinden. Sasha Baron Cohen war zuerst Borat, ein kasachischer Macho, der in Amerika sein Glück suchte, dann Bruno, ein schwuler österreichischer Modedesigner, der auch wiederum die Amerikaner, aber auch Israelis und Palästinenser aufs Übelste provozierte.
In dieser Tradition stürmt in Frankreich jetzt eine deutsche Kunstfigur den französischen Markt: Helmut Fritz.

Helmut beweist mit Derrick-Sonnenbrille, goldenen Turnschuhen und deutschem Akzent, dass außer Tokio Hotel noch andere Deutsche in Frankreich auf musikalischer Ebene Erfolg haben können.
In seinem Ohrwurm „Ca m’énerve“ oder besser „Sa me nerf“ nörgelt er auf französisch mit deutschem Akzent über die Pariser Schickeria. Er lästert über Mädchen, die sich in Größe 34 pressen, Ponys wie Kate Moss tragen und im Club Milliardaire ihr Geld verprassen.
Aber ist Helmut wirklich ein Deutscher?
Laut dem auf seiner Website veröffentlichten Lebenslauf wuchs er in Reinbek bei Hamburg auf, erbte 300 Millionen Mark und verprasste das dann alles auf Haute-Couture-Schauen und in Edelrestaurants in Paris.
Doch von dieser High Society ist er bald so genervt, dass er anfängt, sich seinen Frust von der Seele zu singen- und er wird ein Star.

So weit, so gut. Hinter der Kunstfigur steckt der Franzose Eric Greff, der sich, anders als sein offenherziges Alter Ego, bedeckt hält und Interviews nur als Fritz gibt. Von Greff weiß man nur, dass er 1975 geboren wurde, aus Béning-lès-Saint-Avold in Lothringen kommt, kaum Deutsch spricht und sich schon früher als Musiker versucht hat.

Doch auch in Deutschland gibt es (deutsche) Bands, die sich als Franzosen ausgeben: Zum Beispiel „Les Quitriche“, die wunderbare Chansons machen, die klingen wie aus dem Frankreich der 60er Jahre- und sich auch so stylen.

So, das war dann mein Beitrag für heute


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